Course Descriptions

Basic Crazy Quilt Course:

BCQC-1: A required course, before taking any others offered. This course covers critical design principles, teaches how to use templates to achieve uniformly aligned and spaced embroidery, and the basic stitched needed to create a variety of silk ribbon flowers.

BCQC-2: This course builds on the initial BCQC by leading participants through the creation of a block where students have the decision making authority. The first half of the course is dedicated to "color" and covers all of the thinking process that should happen when working with color.

Intermediate Crazy Quilt Courses:

ICQC-103 - Embroidery Motifs and Seams: This course expands basic embroidery to create various motifs for crazy quilt blocks. Patterns for a variety of hexagon blocks are provided, or students can use fabric "doodle cloths" to create their work. The embroidery is extensive in this class but not technically too difficult.

ICQC-104 - Motifs w/Fabrics and Threads: This course continues the embroidery work of the prior course and is technically more difficult. This class pushes the embroidery to include fabric by creating various slips, dimensional applique, and embellished applique pieces.

ICQC-105 - Silk Ribbon Embroidery Motifs: This course is required before taking the ICQC-106 or ICQC-107 courses. Various motif designs are provided for printing directly to fabric. Each will require the use of different stitches and/or sizes of ribbon to complete. Primarily silk ribbon will be used, but other ribbons are also discussed and practiced. 

ICQC-106 Victorian Style Motifs: This course introduces participants to the piecing techniques used with dealing with "fancy fabrics" such as velvet, brocade, silks, etc. The embroidery work on this type of block is more classic, without a lot of adornments. the motif designs provided are based on historical patterns.

ICQC-107 Shabby Chic: This course uses ready made items such as lace motifs, printed images, and purchased trims primarily. It is a take on the modern style of crazy quilting that is "over the top" in the use of lace and ribbon with minimal embroidery work. Fabrics will include cottons and silks primarily. 

All courses are repeated throughout the year from January through September. Each is open for registration for only a specific period (lasting 3 days); then each course runs as a self-paced instruction module.

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