2019 Course Schedule CALENDAR


(BCQC-1) Beyond the Basics:

mandatory course before any others can be taken

5th-7th (January, March, May, July, September)

The BCQC-1 (Basic Crazy Quilt Course-1) is a “REQUIRED” course and must be completed before any other course can be taken. This course contains all of the basic handouts and general instructions that are also used in other courses. The class includes instruction on Design Principles and walks the participant through the construction, design decisions, and completion of embroidery (fiber and silk ribbon) for the block. Surface area beading techniques are includes as well as free templates.

(BCQC-2) All About Color

5th-7th (February, April, June, August, October)

The BCQC-2 (Basic Crazy Quilt Course-2) is not required…but I do encourage you to consider taking it after the BCQC-1 has been completed because covers two key elements for beginner/intermediate crazy quilters: 1) COLOR…all you ever wanted/needed to know about how to choose and use color in your work and 2) PLANNING…you will be given the keys to creating your own crazy quilt blocks without having to follow a set theme or pattern.

(ICQC-103) Embroidery Motifs

15th-17th (January, May)

The ICQC-103 (Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-103) is all about embroidery motifs. You’ll begin with basic types and expand that knowledge to include more complex embroidery patterns. Monograms in ribbon, beads, and embroidery are included in this course as well as more elaborate seam designs.

(ICQC-104) Dimensional Motifs

15th-17th (February, October)

The ICQC-104 (Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-104) is advanced motifs. It should be taken after the ICQC-103 is completed. This course included various motifs that include different applique methods, silk ribbon flower borders, dimensional applique and the creation of embroidery/beaded/printed slips.

(ICQC-105) Silk Ribbon Embroidery Motifs

15th-17th (March, July)

The ICQC-105 is a “REQUIRED” silk ribbon course and must be completed before the ICQC-106 or 107 courses can be taken.The ICQC-105 (Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-105) is advance silk ribbon motifs. A variety of printable design patterns are provided so you can easily print directly to fabric (or trace if you prefer). The silk ribbon will be 2mm, 4mm, 7mm, and 13mm in size giving a vast variety to the types of flowers you can create. Motifs will include minimal applique. The finished motifs are usually realistic floral designs except the last task. This “fantasy flower” task will help increase your creativity by designing floral elements that are more imaginative than following a specific pre-determined natural flower; the results are always surprising in their elegance and beauty.

(ICQC-106) Victorian Style Motifs

15th-17th (June, September)

The ICQC-106 (Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-106) is all about motifs that are traditionally used in the Victorian style crazy quilts. This class will construct a block of fancy fabrics (rather than cotton as in other classes). The seam designs will be embroidery mostly with minimal beads, etc. The motifs will be based on those found in antique crazy quilts of the late 1800's and early 1900's.

(ICQC-107) Shabby Chic

15th-17th (April, August)

The ICQC-107 (Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-106) is all about using lots of lace trims and motifs, with minimal embroidery on the seams. There will be lot's of opportunity for silk ribbon, buttons, and charms.  This class will construct a block of that includes cotton, silk, etc. and a printed image.

All courses will remain free of charge. 
You do need to provide your own supplies. If special supplies are needed (items I'd not expect a crazy quilter to have in their normal stash, the class will have a supply list; At present this only includes the BCQC-1 and ICQC-105 courses)

Edited: 11/14/2018

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  1. Do the changes to BCQC101 mean I can take it again? :) I've missed you! looking forward to next year.